Game Projects

Covid Vac Sim

is an unconventional tower defense game. The player plays as a nano-bot and defends organs against the invading virus. The player's goal is to protect the blood vessels from waves of virus. 

The game is a submission for global game jam 2021. It is made by Unity.

Role: Enemy & Level & UI Artist


Scramble is  an online casual multiplayer game where players run around and shove their opponents out of  an arena. It is developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is currently in development.

Role: Sole Artist   (Aug.2020 -  )


Quarantine is a first person game that recreates multiple feelings under pandemic throughout the storytelling. The stories are developed through the conversations on text messages.

The game is currently in development phase.

*Environmental screenshot renders were selected to GDC Art Gallery 2020


Role: Sole Developer   (Jun.2020 - present )


Shattered is a student-made, single player first person perspective psychological horror & puzzle solving game. The game is made by Unity and target platform is PC.

Role: Lead Artist     (Jan.2019 - Aug.2020)


Dungeon on the Move


LOCA: Dungeon on the Move, a single player procedural dungeon crawler game. The game is made by Unity and targeted platform is PC and IOS.


Role: Character/Animation/UI Artist

(Sep.2019 - Jun. 2020)